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We are proud to serve collectors at every level, from the first-time buyer and those seeking a novel and worthwhile gift, to museums and advanced collectors searching for rare and unique items. This, coupled with an established reputation and knowledge of the subject second to none, puts us at the forefront to help with and advise on any aspect of collecting.

Furthermore, we are always interested in acquiring Antique Toys, manufactured from their inception in the late 1860’s through to the 1960’s era, and will pay top prices for any given item depending on its condition which is a paramount factor. As an example, an early toy in near perfect condition, still contained in its original box will command a much higher value than one in a played with state or average condition.

Originality and provenance is also very important. ­ Our buying price will reflect the condition of the toy and whether money needs to be invested in having it professionally cleaned or repaired.

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